How to Find a Local Fax Service Near Me

How to Find a Local Fax Service Near Me

It seems the term “fax” is such an old school that should never be mentioned as increasing technologies come into people’s ordinary daily life like email, video chatting, etc. However, that’s not true. Today, faxes are still needed on lots of occasions and fax machines are still being produced with more features and functions. Therefore, you still need to find a local fax service nearby if necessary.

Why a Local Fax Service Near Me?

Many businesses still use fax machines, and many courts still require the use of them as well. Faxes are still a thing in this day and age. From job applications to legal documents, we still need to fax something for all sorts of different things. There are quite a few advantages of faxing, even though it is “old technology”.

Fax is ubiquitous. Everyone can send or receive a fax. It might cost a few bucks, but there are tons of places that can do it if you don’t have a fax machine.

Fax is easy. All it takes to send is to know the telephone number of the recipient. Load the papers, hit “Start”, and everything just works.

Fax is reliable. It’s a direct telephone call between the sender and the recipient. It doesn’t hop from server to server and won’t leave your signature or images online.

Fax is compatible. If you’ve got a fax machine or fax server manufactured since the early 1980’s you can send or receive a fax.

How to Find a Local Fax Service Near Me Quickly?

You can find a local fax service on your Google map easily.

UPS, FedEx, and Other Delivery Service Stores

You can learn more about fax services on their website.

Public Fax Machines such as Hotels, Hostels, and Travel Agent Offices

Most hotels, hostels, and other accommodations have anticipated this need and are able to provide electronic fax services. If your hotel has an office center, then it probably has a fax machine.

Local Office Supply Stores

If you need a fax machine without finding a big local hotel or delivery service mentioned above. Office supply stores or even communal office spaces may be your next best option. Office Depot and similar stores often let customers send and receive faxes.

A Simple Way to Fax: Use Your Smartphone to Fax Anytime and Anywhere

There’s another way to send and receive faxes. You can turn to an online fax service.

You should note that online fax is quite portable. This is because it utilizes the internet and email system. After signing up to an internet fax provider, you only need a mobile device or computer that is connected to the internet for faxing. Thus, you are provided with a virtual fax machine everywhere. This offers you freedom.

The good thing about online fax is that you do not need to purchase any extra supplies or equipment. This means that you do not need paper, inks, toners, or a fax machine. Moreover, you are not required to install or maintain a dedicated fax line. Fax machines can give way to only one smartphone.

FedExUPSStaplesDingtone Fax
(First Page)
$1.89$1$1.79$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$1.59$1$1.59$7.99/W, Unlimited
(First Page)
$2.49$2$2.39$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$2.19$1$2.19$7.99/W, Unlimited
(First Page)
$5.99$3$5.99$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$3.99$3$3.99$7.99/W, Unlimited
Hours of OperationBusiness hours. Rarely 24/7Business hours. Rarely 24/7Business hours. Rarely 24/724/7
Where to FaxIn store onlyIn store onlyIn store onlyAnywhere with Your Phone

Bottom Line

  • Everyone still has opportunities to depend on a fax machine or service to deal with some situations.
  • Multiple channels are available to provide fax services including express, hotels, offices, etc.
  • You can send and receive a fax on your smartphone as long as an online fax app is used on it.

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