Do Banks Fax Documents for Customers?

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Banking is one of the several industries that still rely heavily on faxing as a way to transmit documents. Despite the sheer size of fax machines, it is still a key method for many financial institutions to send and receive documents. Hence, many banks and credit unions continue to offer fax services, and those services are often free to their customers.

Do Banks Fax Documents?

No matter where you are, you can find a nearby bank that is never far away. Each bank will generally have its own fax machine. Whether you can use it (for free) or not depends on whether you are a premium customer of their bank. All membership systems are applicable around the world. It is difficult for a bank employee to say no to a quality customer. Therefore, you can politely ask the teller if you can use their fax machine for a little while or pay a small fee for it when you need a fax. The results are usually satisfactory.

Where Can I Fax Documents for Emergency?

In addition to banks, you also have many options available for emergency faxes.


Check out FedEx stores around you and use their fax machine at a fee.

Office Depot/OfficeMax

Go find an Office Depot nearby. There are over 1300 Office Depot stores across the United States providing fax services.


You may access fax services from over 300 Staples stores in the States and Canada.


Many UPS stores offer paid fax service.

Winn Dixie

Some Winn Dixie grocery stores not only provide pharmacies, money transfer, and florist service but also public faxing.

Credit Union

Almost all credit union branches offer fax services. Just like banks, they are often free to their customers.


If you are on vacation or on a business trip, try asking the staff of the hotel you are staying in. It is not difficult to find a fax machine in a chain hotel.

Local library

Most public libraries have a fax machine and offer fax service at a reasonable fee, e.g. $1 per five pages for local fax services. Prices vary by page and location. Note you may only use cash.

How to Fax Documents Anytime and Anywhere?

If you are always on the lookout for a fax machine and are bothered by its high cost, an online fax service may be of great help to you. It enables you to fax anytime and anywhere.

Online faxing also has more stability and higher security than public fax machines, and it is not limited by the time of use. Use online fax technology, you will never be anxious when you need to fax an urgent document in the middle of the night.

Bottom Line

  • Banks generally have fax machines available for customer use.
  • There are many ways for you to respond to emergency faxes other than banks.
  • Online fax technology makes it possible to provide services that are not available from public fax machines.

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