How Much does it Take to Fax at Staples?

cost of fax at staples

You may never have used the self-service fax machine at the Staples store before and have no concept of how much does Staples charge to fax. Well, it’s entirely understandable since the fax machine was like something popular more than ten years ago. Don’t worry, this article will give you a clue on how much to fax at Staples.

How Much does it Take to Fax at Staples?

Now comes the problem you care about most: how much to fax at Staples? According to its website, the local transmission starts at $1.50. The prices can vary from store locations and fax distance.

Sending a local document from the Staples self-service machine costs $1.79 per page and receiving one costs about $1. Long-distance faxes sent within the United States cost about $2 per page and faxing to an international number will cost about $5.99 per page. For additional pages, it charges $2.19 for local and $3.99 for international.

First PageEach Additional PageDingtone Fax
Locally$1.79$1.59$7.99/W, Unlimited
Nationally$2.39$2.19$7.99/W, Unlimited
Internationally$5.99$3.99$7.99/W, Unlimited

Can I Send and Receive Fax at Staples?

Fax service is an important part of Staples’ overall business. It allows you to send or receive fax documents in Staples store with ease. Staples’ self-service fax machine service is fast, affordable, and convenient, and its associates are always happy to help.

Whether you need to fax across town, across provinces or across the ocean, you can rely on Staples to help you transmit it promptly. According to its website, the fax service is available in all Staples locations.

How to Send a Fax at Staples?

  • Access the Staples official website and find the store nearest to you.
  • Prepare a hard copy of your document or a digital copy saved on your device.
  • Go to the store. You can either send the fax document by yourself on a self-service fax machine or ask a clerk for help.
  • Wait for the connection to be established and type the fax number of your recipient to send the document.
  • Take the confirmation page if the fax is successfully sent and pay for the service.

How to Receive a Fax at Staples?

  • Visit the Staples website or contact your local store for the fax number.
  • Confirm that the store associates will retrieve and keep those fax pages for you.
  • Make an appointment to get your fax documents.
  • Pick up your documents at the store and pay for the service. How much does Staples charge to fax may vary between different stores.

Bottom Line

  • You can rely on Staples to help you transmit local or international fax documents promptly. All Staples stores offer fax services.
  • As we can see, the process of sending and receiving faxes in the Staples store is very simple and straightforward.
  • Based on different Staples locations and fax distance, the prices of sending a fax range from $1.79 to $5.99 per page. Receiving fax costs you around $1.

We hope that this article is helpful to you and has answered the question of how much does Staples charge to fax.

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