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What statement must be on the fax cover sheet to ensure the security of faxed documents?

Privacy and Security of an individual’s medical records and health information is more important than ever in an age of daily reports of hacked servers and data theft. HIPAA addresses these concerns; it’s regulations are strictly enforced and have shaped how medicine is practiced in our country.

What needs to be included on a HIPAA Fax cover sheet?

There is no official HIPAA cover sheet but the cover sheet should contain the following information to be considered HIPAA compliant:

  • Date and Time Fax sent
  • Receiver name and fax number
  • Sender name, organization and phone number
  • Patients Name and reference number (if applicable)
  • HIPAA Fax Disclaimer

Where and how to put attention on a fax?

The attention (“Attn”) will be followed by the name of the recipient. The “Attn” line should always appear at the very top of the delivery address, just before the name of the person you’re sending it to. Use a colon after “Attn” to make it clearly readable. The attention line on a letter or package should be placed above the organization’s name. The attention line makes it clear when the correspondence or package reaches an organization’s mail room who the intended recipient is.

Does a fax cover sheet go first or last?

The fax cover sheet should go first. A cover sheet when sending a document by fax, or facsimile, is as important as the document itself. The cover sheet provides vital information about who the fax is for, how many pages there should be and what the document refers to or what it is to be used for. Place the cover sheet on top of all other pages being faxed. This will let the receiver know whether he has received all of the documents when the fax comes through. Then, send the fax as you normally would.

Does a fax cover sheet count as a page?

Yes, you should always include a fax cover page when sending a fax, unless the recipient specifically asks not to have one. Count all of the pages, including the cover page, and put the number in the space for the number of pages. This helps the receiver make sure they didn’t lose any page in the transmission.

Can a fax cover sheet be handwritten?

Yes, and these free fax cover sheet templates are printable. After downloading, you can print out the templates and handwrite the details if you’d like.

Add an image, such as a company logo, to the fax template by clicking the “Insert” tab. Click “Picture.” Browse to the logo and double-click the file name, then drag it into place on the fax, such as in the top center. This is also a way to dress up a fax with seasonal artwork and designs. Or you can fax from the best fax app and it allows you to put a company logo on a fax cover page whenever you’ve permitted the app to access your images on the smartphone.

What does “re” mean on a fax cover sheet?

RE stands for reply, as in a reply fax to some other fax or communication.

What does “cc” mean in a fax cover sheet?

CC stands for Carbon Copy which is a term that originated pre-computers where copies of documents were made by typing on multiple sheets of paper at one time with carbon paper in between. The term, in a fax as well as any other communication, means to send a copy to someone else. For example, if communication is: To: Joe Bloggs cc: Fred Blogs, then this is being sent to Joe but a copy is also being sent to Fred.

What does “attn” mean on a fax cover sheet?

“Attn” on a letter stands for “attention” and denotes the attention line. The attention line specifies who within an organization should receive correspondence or package. “Attn,” or the attention line, is used specifically when sending a letter or package to a large organization. The attention line makes it clear when the correspondence or package reaches an organization’s mail room who the intended recipient is. The United States Postal Service encourages senders to not use “attn” when addressing a package, but rather to simply write the specific recipient’s name above the organization’s name. In the case of a business letter, the attention line is above the salutation.

Do mac pages have a fax cover sheet template?

Yes. If you need to add a cover page to a business fax with your Mac, use the built-in utilities designed to prepare and send faxes. Cover pages help to identify important information about the fax and sender to the recipient. Typically, a fax contains a business address, name, phone number, return fax number, total pages and any notes about the contents. Once you have created the fax, you can add a cover page before sending it off using the fax wizard.

Does Open Office have a fillable fax cover sheet?

Yes. Open Office allows users to edit sign fill share all type of documents online. If you are not using Open Office Excel or Google Sheets you can go and download editable. Download one and open it in Word and customize it before printing. 

Does Staples provide a cover sheet for faxing?

Many Staples stores provide you with fax services via public fax machines.

Does UPS charge to fax a cover page?

Yes. UPS (United Parcel Service; the guys with the big brown trucks) has over 4600 store locations worldwide, and many of those locations offer fax services.

Here in the U.S. fax prices at UPS stores are as follows:

  • $1.00 to fax one page locally ($1.00 each for additional pages)
  • $2.00 to fax one page nationally ($1.00 each for additional pages)
  • $3.00 to fax one page internationally ($3.00 each for additional pages)

Since UPS stores are just as easy to find in many cities as FedEx or Office Depot stores, you may want to choose to do your faxing at UPS if you have to fax things on any kind of a regular basis.

Does HIPAA require a fax cover sheet?

Technically, HIPAA does not require a fax cover sheet. The guidelines released by the US Department of Health and Human Services did not specifically state that healthcare providers and any other company that regularly deals with transmitting PHIs must include a cover sheet when they send a fax.

However, as far as best faxing practices are concerned, the answer to your question “does HIPAA require a fax cover sheet”, is yes. As mentioned earlier, a cover sheet serves as the first line of defense against committing a HIPAA violation or worse, information theft.

Can you include PHI on a fax cover page?

When sending HIPAA compliant electronic fax that contains a PHI (patient information), never remove the cover page. Always include a cover page that’s duly filled out. Never include the patient’s name on the cover page. It is also standard practice to include a disclaimer as it includes a warning message. The warning message stresses the confidentiality of the document.

Handling sensitive patient information (PHI) should be treated with utmost care and precaution. Therefore, the exchange of data involving PHI should always abide by the HIPAA rules. The rules also apply to online data exchange, including email and fax.

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