Business Fax Cover Sheet Templates

business fax cover sheet

A fax cover sheet is the first page placed ahead of the actual file. It usually includes some basic information about the sender as well as the faxed document. The recipient can quickly grasp the intent or the gist of the fax document through the cover. Therefore, a good fax cover can greatly help to boost the efficiency of faxing. This is especially true in business.

Why is Fax Cover Sheet Important in Business?

In business, a professional fax cover gives the intended recipient a quicker understanding of the sender’s basic information (e.g. date and time sent, name of the company, contact information) and the purpose of the fax (order, invoice, quotation, contract, etc.).

In addition, the recipient can immediately learn about the urgency of the document marked on the cover. It is also possible to return the document to the sender in its original form without opening the specific document content, such as when receiving the wrong document or unwanted cooperation.

What Information Should be Included in a Business Fax Cover Sheet?

As mentioned above, in business activities, professional fax covers allow improving the efficiency of both parties. Typically, a professional business fax cover sheet should include some of the following:

  • The basic information (Company logo, web URL, Contact information, Date): Let your customers quickly identify your documents in a pile of files.
  • The Urgency of the Document (Urgent/ For Review/ Please Comment/ Please Reply/ Please Recycle): Indicating the urgency of the document increases the trust and readiness of the customer.
  • Comments or Excerpts: Some brief introduction to the actual document will make it clearer to the recipient what your fax is about. A few polite comments might boost the likelihood of the cooperation you want to achieve.

Download Business Fax Cover Sheet Templates

There are various fax templates depending on the business purpose and one should be picked up based on the specific needs. You can search and download the business fax cover templates you want online. Generally, you will need to pay a small fee for this, such as the ones below.

You can also find free business fax cover templates on many online fax platforms. For instance, you can find a fine cover from Dingtone Fax app as below:

No need to download, how to directly add a cover sheet to your fax?

Fax allows its users to select and use a business cover sheet from the app before sending the document in fax. Here’s a simple guide for you:

  • Step 1. Download and install the Dingtone Fax app on your device.
  • Step 2. Create an account and get a fax plan based on your favors.
  • Step 3. Start your fax by entering the recipients’ fax number.
  • Step 4. Choose a cover sheet from the app on your demand and fill in your information.
  • Step 5. Scan or upload the files you want to fax.
  • Step 6. Edit your document like adding a signature to the file.
  • Step 7. Preview before you send it out

Bottom Line

  • When you have a pile of documents that need to be faxed, a good cover can make it look clean and organized.
  • A professional business fax cover can help you attract customers and promote efficiency.
  • Online fax applications, such as Fax app, provide you with many free fine cover templates, including business pages for various purposes.

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