How Long does it Take to Fax Something

how long does fax take

Nowadays, fax is still a must-use tool due to its legal validity or the essential file requirement from other organizations like the government. However, it is always torture to wait for a fax to be sent and received. Then, how long exactly does it take us to fax something, and how to speed it up in easy ways? That’s why the article below is here.

Elements Contributing to the Exact Time to Fax Something

Based on recent research, it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to send a fax per page of a text with a fax machine used.

The elements contributing to the fax time include the following items:

Fax Machine’s Performance

The speed can be dramatically increased when a high-quality fax machine is used because a branding fax machine usually leads to a high transmission speed (BAUD rate).

The BAUD rate of a fax machine can be set from 2400 to 28800 bps, or even higher. To reduce data loss and improve reliability, the BAUD rate is generally set at 9600bps. At 9600 bps, it generally takes 1 minute to fax a page. At 4800 bps, it generally takes 1 minute 45 seconds to fax a page. at 28800 bps, the time to fax a page can be reduced to 35 seconds.

The faxing speed is affected by both the BAUD rate of the sending fax machine or app and the receiving fax machine or app. The BAUD rate will adjust to the lower baud rate of the two fax lines.

Fax File Format

Modified graphics can be sent slower and lousy phone connections will dramatically lower the speed of transmission. Pages with lots of white space can accelerate the speed of transmission. Images and graphics usually take a longer time to be sent in the fax.

Internet Performance

If you pick up an online fax service, apart from the above two elements, internet performance should be taken into consideration because the online fax is sent and received via the internet and the internet performance directly determines the fax speed.

Why is the fax machine so slow?

Fax is slow compared with other modern technologies such as email. However, it wasn’t always that way.

Fax depends on telephone technology to transmit information, similar to a dial-up modem working way. So, the fax machine runs so slowly to transmit signals outside.

That’s the leading cause of slow fax.

How to speed up fax?

Nowadays, customers are attracted to new technologies which will facilitate life and work. With online fax, users can have access to send a fax from a smartphone that is not available with traditional fax machines.

First of all, online fax is convenient and economical. With online fax, it is unnecessary to purchase new supplies or machines. There is no need for relevant fax materials, such as paper, inks, toners, or a fax device. You also do not need to install or purchase a dedicated fax phone line to use for online faxing, which usually costs a lot.

Secondly, online fax is a customized device. The traditional fax machine is for everyone in public. However, online fax can customize your own documents, such as file editing, page combining, cover page, and signature adding. Support all popular formats and third parties. You can have your own personal fax machine.

Thirdly, one of the most significant advantages of online fax is being portable, using the internet to send or receive faxes. Whenever there’s access to the Internet or cellular data via your iPhone or any smartphone, online fax will smoothly work. Once you sign up for a given online provider, your mobile device or PC will be connected to the web to fax.

In summary, with an online fax service, your iPhone can be used as a perfect pocket fax machine that can be carried anywhere you want which makes your location independent.

Bottom line

  • Fax transmission speed is determined by multiple elements, and you should know them before evaluating it.
  • Using an online fax service can accelerate fax speed.

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