How does Fax Actually Work? From Wired to Wireless

How does Fax Work? From Wire to Wireless

It’s interesting to see faxes are still needed now in most offices even though the Internet has been actively used in all aspects of life and work. Then, how does fax work via a fax machine, and how does fax work via your smartphone? You’ll be able to find out answers in this article.

How does Fax Work via a Fax Machine?

Do you remember the main procedure of a fax being sent via a fax machine? To send a fax on a fax machine, it usually takes the following steps:

  • Let a fax machine read the content on the paper file;
  • Dial the fax number of the recipient’s;
  • Wait for the fax signal from the recipient’s device;
  • Click the fax button to start faxing;
  • The recipient will receive a paper file coming out of their fax machine.

To send a fax from a fax machine, therefore, you should prepare the following items in advance:

A paper file to be faxed

A fax machine can only record and copy the content on a real paper file so a paper file should be well prepared before being faxed. It fails to directly fax a digital document like a word, pdf, etc. to a fax number. In other words, to send a fax on a fax machine, you also need a printer that is used to print a document on paper.

A fax machine

It’s understandable to prepare a fax machine. There are lots of multifunction equipment that is capable of both copying, printing, and faxing on the market. A fax can be also sent from a printer if it supports fax capability.

A telephone line

A fax number is a telephone line with a fax feature plan. To send a fax from a fax machine, a telephone line should be equipped with the device and a fax plan should be purchased from a telecommunication carrier.

How does Fax Work via an Online Fax Service?

As technology constantly makes progress and the Internet has been widely used in all aspects, faxes can be sent and received even if a fax machine isn’t available nearby. An online fax service can perfectly turn your smartphone or tablet into a pocket fax machine.

To send a fax from your smartphone or tablet, the following steps are called for:

  • Download and install an online fax service or application on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Scan the file with the webcam on your device or directly attach the file to your fax;
  • Fill in the fax number of the recipient’s;
  • Edit the file to be faxed out like adding a cover sheet or a signature;
  • Click the send button to finish faxing.

To send fax based on an online fax service, you should meet the requirement below:

A smartphone, tablet, or computer

An online fax service can be used on smartphones, tablets,s or computers as an application. To send a fax from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you should correctly install the application on your device so that you’ll be able to send or receive a fax at any time and place.

Access to the internet or cellular data

An online fax service depends on access to the internet or cellular data instead of the traditional telecommunication signals used by a fax machine.

An online fax account

To use the online fax on your device, you should purchase an online fax account on it so that you’ll be allowed to send and receive faxes within the account. Such an account saves you much money if faxes are always needed. For example, an account on FAX allows users to fax unlimited pages.

A fax number

Similar to a fax machine, a fax number is also needed by an online fax application. Different from a fax machine, an online fax service usually carries a free fax number, local or international, so that users don’t need to purchase an extra telephone line for their fax machines.

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