How Long Does a Fax Usually Take?

How Long does a Fax Take

The time it takes to transmit fax is determined by multiple aspects. If you’re to send a fax from a fax machine, it is related to the performance of the phone line for fax and the distance between fax sender and you. If you’re to send a fax from an online fax app, the time will be much shorter because of the Internet in real-time.

Factors Determining the Exact Time for Transmitting a Fax

The factors that influence the time for transmitting fax include document quality, connection speed, the performance of the phone line, the type of fax machine, and so on. Below are the two most significant elements related to the time of faxing.

Fax machine’s transmission speed or internet speed

There are many types of fax machines on the market and their transmission speed all vary. If you are sending your document from a fax machine, the performance of the phone line and the transmission speed of different fax machines matter most.

Internet speed or your connection speed determines how long your fax process takes if you are sending from an online fax app. The data network of your smartphone may be slow or the WiFi quality is not that good. Still, online faxing is much faster than fax from a fax machine.

The type of document being transmitted

The type of document being transmitted is also an important aspect you can’t ignore. More narrowly, you need to consider the size and complexity of the file and whether graphs are included. If you want a faster transmission speed, it is a good idea to cut down the size of your fax file and remove unnecessary images.

How Long Does a Fax Take when a Fax Machine is Used

If you are considering faxing via a fax machine, you also can’t get a single answer on how long it takes for the fax to get sent. The time needed depends on the type of fax machine, and it can range from 1 minute to 6 minutes. When the fax is transmitted between two different fax machines, the time needed is usually determined by the slower one.

Moreover, if the document contains nothing but text, it will be faster. Also, more white space on the file means faster transmission. The ones that include graphics will take longer. You have to think about phone lines as well—bad phone connections can affect the transmission speed drastically and make it slow.

How Long Does a Fax Take when an Online Fax App is Used

Online faxing is definitely a faster option compared to a fax machine. It is also quicker than other methods that require scanning and printing.

How long does it take? It is instant, so as fast as sending an email, for example. Online fax services come with numerous other benefits because they are secure, efficient, and easy to use.

You only need an internet connection and a good fax app that will provide you with a fax number. The best option for you to choose is Dingtone FAX. It has the simplest way of handling the entire process.

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