Can I Fax Things at Post Office?

fax things at post office

Everyone needs fax, but not everyone needs a fax machine.

There are so many situations when you need to send a fax to your local government, business partners or doctor for the sake of validity and legality. However, fax machines aren’t easy to get and it hardly occurs to anyone who’d like to buy a fax machine at home. Luckily, there’s one solution that is useful but you may not know.

Can I Send a Fax at Post Office?

The answer is absolutely yes!

As long as you’re staying in the US, most post offices provide office services like faxing and copying apart from traditional postal services. This post office map will tell you where to find a post office near your location in the US.

There’s always a fax machine standing at the customer service desk in a post office or it may be located at the UPS store in the post office. It depends. Anyway, the faxing service provided by the post office is the traditional way of faxing via a public fax machine that is only suggested when a document with a small page count needs to be faxed and the information contained in the document has nothing related to privacy or confidentiality about any individual or organization.

Fax from Post Office: A Step-by-Step Guide

To fax things from the post office, the followings should be prepared before you enter the building:

  • The exact fax number of the recipient
  • A document that has been well printed (your document can be printed in the post office as well if you have only digital ones)
  • Money, of course

The steps below will tell you how to fax things from the post office:

  • Step 1. Pass your document to the staff working at the fax machine in the post office.
  • Step 2. Tell the correct fax number of your recipient to the staff as well.
  • Step 3. Wait beside the customer service desk for the staff to finish up the faxing.
  • Step 4. Get a receipt for the confirmation of fax delivery from the staff as the faxing ends.

No Post Office Nearby, Where to Fax, then?

What if there’s no post office nearby but a fax needs to be urgently sent? Or, what if staying in a country where local post offices don’t provide faxing service?

Then, online fax is the optimal solution.

Change your smartphone into a portable fax machine

Online fax service can be used via an online fax app that can be installed on a mobile device including a smartphone or tablet. Different from the traditional fax machine that transmits data through a landline dedicated to fax, an online fax app runs based on access to the Internet or cellular data. With the help of a webcam on the device, the document can be scanned by the online fax app. Moreover, the online fax app enables it to have access to third-party sources like Google Drive, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. to directly attach documents to faxes.

Send and receive fax anytime and anywhere

Online fax app provides users unlimited pages to fax and a local or international fax number so that users are able to send and receive a fax at any time and place. Without the need to find a public fax machine, users are able to send and receive a fax at any time and place as long as the Internet is accessible on their devices.

Bottom Line

  • Mostly, post offices in the US provide faxing and copying services.
  • To fax from a post office, you should prepare your printed documents and the correct fax number of the recipient.
  • Online fax is the best solution to fax because it allows users to fax at any time and place and protect the documents.

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