Fax Cover Sheet Templates

A fax cover sheet is the first page placed ahead of the real file. Generally speaking, a fax cover sheet contains some basic information about both the sender and the receiver of a fax file so that the aim and main content of the fax file can be immediately estimated based on the information on the cover sheet page.

How does a Fax Cover Sheet Help You?

A fax cover sheet is helpful to make the fax file you’ve sent,

Quickly Stand Out

When a fax machine is used in a company or government, piles of faxes will be received every day by the same fax machine. The quick recognition of your fax file is beneficial to boost the efficiency of issue solving. In addition, it’s impossible for your fax receiver to stand by the fax machine all the time until your fax arrives. The fax cover sheet of your fax document can tell anyone who the fax should go to based on the receiver’s name on it.

Well Protected

A fax cover sheet page includes the fundamental information about the fax document so that it is beneficial to protect the privacy of the fax document and its sender or receiver.

Accurately Return if Sent by Error

It usually occurs that a fax document arrives at the wrong individual or organization. A fax cover sheet contains the fax number of the fax sender and it tells the wrong receiver where it should be returned to if it is sent by error. Or, an important notice can be placed on the cover sheet as well to indicate the significance for the wrong receiver to return the fax document to the sender.

General Fax Cover Sheets

Fax Cover Sheet Templates for Medical Offices

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Fax Cover Sheets for Business

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