How Much Does It Cost to Fax?

how much does it cost to fax

Fax is quite needed in life and business owing to its validity and legality. For individuals and companies calling for frequent faxes, it matters to be aware of how much it costs to fax.

Up to now, you have three ways to fax, fax from your own fax machine, from a public fax machine, and from an online fax app. Different methods cost differently to fax and the comparison between them should be clarified in order to stick to one.

How Much Does It Cost to Fax from Your Own Fax Machine?

It’s a traditional way to fax from a fax machine. Although it seems impossible to fax from your own fax machine because no one would like to buy a personal fax machine. Nevertheless, it’s also necessary to be clear about the cost.

Things you need to prepare to fax from your own fax machine:

  • A fax machine (around $200)
  • A landline dedicated for fax (around $40/mo)
  • Paper, ink, toner, etc. (around $60)

In total, at least $300 is needed to pay if you want to fax from your own fax machine since the cost of device maintenance and international calling are not included. If you only need to send or receive fax occasionally, buying a personal fax machine is apparently not a smart idea. However, the advantage to fax from your own fax machine lies in its security that protects your files from being exposed to irrelated individuals.

How Much Does It Cost to Fax from a Public Fax Machine?

Not everyone can or need to afford a personal fax machine.

If you want to fax from a fax machine, a public fax machine can be used. A public fax machine is usually owned in express stores like UPS and FedEx, shopping stores like Staples, or 24-hour convenient stores.

Different prices are asked in different stores providing public fax machine service but they conform to the same pricing principles.

The cost is determined by the page number of the files to be faxed.

The cost is also determined by the fax number.

Generally speaking, the more pages a file has, the higher it’ll cost to fax.

Faxing to a long-distance or international number costs more than that to a local number.

For example, if you want to fax a 100-page contract from a public machine at UPS in the US to a business partner in India, the cost should be:

FedExUPSStaplesDingtone Fax
(First Page)
$1.89$1$1.79$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$1.59$1$1.59$7.99/W, Unlimited
(First Page)
$2.49$2$2.39$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$2.19$1$2.19$7.99/W, Unlimited
(First Page)
$5.99$3$5.99$7.99/W, Unlimited
(Each Additional Page)
$3.99$3$3.99$7.99/W, Unlimited
Hours of OperationBusiness hours. Rarely 24/7Business hours. Rarely 24/7Business hours. Rarely 24/724/7
Where to FaxIn store onlyIn store onlyIn store onlyAnywhere with Your Phone

How Much Does It Cost to Fax from an Online Fax App?

Online fax is the most popular way to fax due to its low cost, high convenience, and flexibility. It allows you to send and receive a fax at any place and time as long as your device is connected to the Internet or mobile data.

The cost to fax from an online fax app generally includes:

The cost for a fax plan provided by Dingtone FAX ($8/mo), including a fax number, and users are allowed to fax unlimited pages.

The cost for the Internet (if you use public WiFi, the cost isn’t needed)

In a word, the only thing you need to pay is the tax plan and no extra cost is needed. After all, you don’t need to prepare dedicated Internet access for fax, which is different from a landline required by a fax machine.

Bottom Line

Different pricing standards are used when it comes to different fax methods.

Online fax is the most cost-effective among faxing from a personal fax machine, faxing from a public fax machine, and faxing from an online fax app.

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