How to Fax a Document from iPhone

fax a document from iphone

You’ll never know how easy and effortless it is to fax a document from iPhone unless you’ve tried that. Faxing from iPhone, or any smartphone, allows you to send a fax no matter where you are and there’s no need to look for a fax machine that isn’t easy to get actually.

Send and Receive a Fax from iPhone Anytime and Anywhere

There are multiple online fax service providers and excellent fax apps for iPhone on the market that you can choose from. Your iPhone can be turned into a portable fax machine as long as an online fax app is installed, which means you are able to send or receive faxes from anywhere at any time.

In addition to the basic fax function that allows you to transmit documents without a fax machine and a phone line, faxing online has countless other features. It is capable of adding your electronic signature to documents, tracking fax transmission status, and customizing the cover sheets. Other options include integration with existing software like Gmail, preset delivery times, fax notifications, and the ability to fax multiple recipients at once.

It’s undoubtedly easy and convenient to fax using just an iPhone when you have to transmit some important documents to someone who insists on sending them via fax.

How to Send a Document in Fax from iPhone

Sending a fax from iPhone supports nearly all popular formats and third parties. There is no need to spend time converting your files into other formats or printing them out on paper. All operations can be done in just a few clicks. Here’s how to send a document with our FAX app below.

  • Step1: Download the Dingtone FAX app on your iPhone and sign up for the service.
  • Step2: Open the FAX app and fill in the recipient’s fax number to transmit documents domestically or internationally.
  • Step3: Add a cover page to tell the recipient where the fax comes from and what it is mainly concerned about.
  • Step4: Scan or attach files and edit them if necessary.
  • Step5: Hit the “Send” button and your fax will be sent immediately.

How to Receive a Document in Fax from iPhone

To receive a document from iPhone with our FAX app, you have two options.

On one hand, a fax can be received from an email inbox if the fax is asked to be transmitted to your email. You can enjoy the service after registering for the fax app with a valid email account. On the other hand, a fax can be received from an online fax app on your iPhone where a local or toll-free number can be obtained for free that plays as a fax number.

With the Dingtone FAX app installed on your iPhone, you are supposed to receive a fax document without any limitations. FAX also allows you to track the status of the sent fax at any time to ensure whether the fax smoothly arrives at the recipient so as to follow the progress of any issue.

Bottom Line

Your iPhone can turn into a portable fax machine as long as an online fax app is installed, which means you are able to send or receive faxes from anywhere at any time.

The Dingtone FAX app allows you to fax from your iPhone in all popular formats and track the status of the transmission process. Send or receive a fax from anywhere at any time without any difficulty.

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