Best Online Fax Services for 2022

best online fax service

Compared with the inconvenience of traditional faxing, online faxing has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost. Under the epidemic, lots of people have to work from home but have home faxing difficulties when dealing with business issues. Online fax service is a good solution to this problem. Now there is a wide range of online fax products in the market, and which one provides the best online fax service? And what makes it the best?

Is It Possible to Fax Online?

The answer is, Yes.

Nowadays, with the development of communication technology, we can text, call and even fax online. There are many online fax services that allow users to fax anywhere, anytime.

What is Online Fax Service and How does it Work?

The demand for faxes has always been around. In many cases, faxing is still trusted by many people on account of its legal validity. However, today’s increasingly common telecommuting makes it impossible for many individuals to easily access the old faxing through fax machines. For this reason, online fax services are booming. A combination of a network device and an online fax service is all that is needed to complete fax. With online faxing products, machines, ink, paper, and landlines are no longer a problem.

Top Online Fax Services of 2022

What Online Fax Service Can be Regarded as the Best?

Online fax service is never simply a scaled-down version of an old fax machine. It needs to meet all the basic faxing needs of users while constantly adding the latest attractive and useful features.

Full Features of Faxing

A good Internet fax service should provide many features on top of the basic services:

  • Contacts – You can build up your own contact and make it easier in the next fax.
  • E-files – You can upload e-files stored on your device and don’t have to print it out.
  • Third parties – You can make file selections with some excellent cloud storage applications, such as Google Doc, Dropbox.
  • Scan – You can scan the paperwork with your webcam on your digital devices.
  • Cover sheet – You can edit as you wish, including name, fax topic, contact information, etc.
  • Signature – You can add an e-signature if you need.
  • Preview – You can preview all the content before you send it.
  • Track – You can keep track of your fax updates in real time in your app.
  • Notification – You won’t miss any fax if you open the reminder.

Easy and Flexible to Use

Online fax service should be compatible with all or at least most of commonly used operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, and be usable on the phone, tablet and computer. People can fax anytime and anywhere with an online fax app. For example, you can use the Dingtone Fax app to easily scan and attach documents and choose different cover sheet templates on your demand.

Fit for All Budgets

A free thing cannot define the best online fax service. With reasonable charges, online fax services can provide more quality features. In Fax, there are a variety of customized and reasonable plans. Users can choose their own fax number, local or international, and pick the package that suits their needs. For example, depending on the number of pages they want to fax.

Safe and Secure

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of online faxing is its high level of security. First, online fax service makes it possible to turn the phone into a personal fax machine, which helps to protect the security of documents and personal privacy by eliminating the access of more unrelated people to the documents; second, the safety of online fax service is also guaranteed by technology. For example, the Dingtone Fax app uses end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of documents.

Bottom Line

  • Remote work puts online fax services in demand.
  • Online faxing is safe and secure.
  • An online fax service that offers full features of faxing is likely to be the best.

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