Best Alternative to FAX.PLUS: Price, Features & Security

how to fax without a fax machine

When faxing was first introduced to the world, it seemed like an exciting innovation. Though email has completely overtaken faxing in popularity, it’s still commonly used by those who need to send sensitive documents quickly and confidentially. If you haven’t already switched FAX.PLUS to the more convenient and cost-effective alternative known as email, it may be time to give Dingtone Fax a try!

What is FAX.PLUS?

FAX.PLUS is a web-based fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes online. It works by converting documents into PDFs, which are then sent over the internet to the recipient’s fax machine or number. Fax Plus offers a variety of features, including the ability to send multiple faxes at once, track delivery status, and add e-signatures. The service is also highly secure, with 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication. There’s also a built-in archiving feature that allows you to search through all of your past sent and received faxes quickly. If you want more features like group faxing or toll-free numbers, there is an additional charge for those options.

How does FAX.PLUS Work?

FAX.PLUS is available on Android and iPhone devices. You can download it on your iPhone and iPad.

Here’s how to use the FAX.PLUS app:

  • Complete the registration and sign up for free to use the service.
  • Upon registration, you can use your Gmail account and verify your phone number to complete the process.
  • Tap the “Send Fax” and type the recipient’s fax number in the “To” field.
  • If you wish to attach a file, click the ‘Add File’ to send documents and a cover page.
  • Click the ‘Send’ button and FAX.PLUS will fax your document.

If you wish to receive faxes, you should upgrade to their paid plans to have a dedicated fax number for both outgoing and incoming faxes.

How Much does FAX.PLUS Cost?

The cost of FAX.PLUS can vary depending on the features you need and how many users you have. Fax.Plus’s Basic plan costs just $5.99 per month for 100 pooled pages (either sent or received). If you exceed your limit, FAX.PLUS charges you an overage fee of 10 cents per page. You can save money by subscribing to the annual payment plan, which brings the equivalent monthly price down to $4.99. The $11.99-per-month Premium plan offers 300 pooled pages, and the overage fee decreases to 5 cents per page. The $19.99-per-month Business plan offers 800 pages per month, support for up to five team members, and the ability to integrate with Slack. The top-end Enterprise option, which costs $59.99 per month, includes 3,000 pooled pages and more advanced security and developer controls for admins. 

Is FAX.PLUS Safe and Legit?

We take a look at whether FAX.PLUS is a safe and legitimate way to send and receive faxes online. A lot of people are worried about security when using an online fax service like FAX.PLUS. They have good reason to be because there are a lot of companies that use these services as scams – by charging people without ever providing any goods or services in return.

Here’s what we found about their security measures:

  • You can’t send any personal information (such as social security numbers) through the site or via email with them.
  • The company is certified and compliant with all government regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, SOC 1 Type II, ISAE 3402 AAI 2 Type II.
  • FAX.PLUS offers 128-bit SSL encryption protection on both incoming and outgoing transmissions.

Is FAX.PLUS HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, it’s HIPAA-compliant. That means healthcare professionals and covered entities under the HIPAA and HITECH regulations can use it when handling patient health information.

Best Alternative to FAX.PLUS: Dingtone Fax

If you’re looking for a great alternative to FAX.PLUS, we recommend Dingtone Fax because it offers a competitive price, great features, and top-notch security.

  • Easily to send and receive fax anytime and anywhere
  • Directly fax images and documents from any source
  • A dedicated fax number, local or international
  • Allows you to edit and preview fax documents
  • Provides fax cover sheet templates for different purses.
  • Allows you to sign your documents
  • End-to-end encryption to protect your privacy
  • Tracks the status

It’s more affordable than FAX.PLUS, and it comes with more features and better security. Overall, it’s a great choice for those looking for a faxing solution. The best part about this service is that you can use your existing phone number when sending or receiving faxes. You don’t need any special equipment or account set up to get started either!

In addition, the monthly fee for Dingtone Fax starts from only $19.9/month which includes unlimited incoming and outgoing faxes! There are no setup fees and you won’t have to purchase expensive hardware, but if you want to make faxing even easier there is an optional hardware package available for purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Get Dingtone Fax today and enjoy all of its great features at an affordable price! With Dingtone Fax, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world by using your existing phone number. You’ll never miss another important document again because now you’ll be able to keep track of every single one in real-time on your computer or smartphone.

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