How to Get a Fax Number?

Why and How to Get a Fax Number

A fax number offers you a convenient and secure way to transmit important documents over a long distance. It is still widely used and applied in modern work environments because of its reliability and flexibility. Since a fax number benefits you in so many aspects, how can you get one? Well, we will introduce it thoroughly in the following parts.

What is a Fax Number?

A fax number looks almost the same as a real phone number. It can be connected to a fax machine, a fax server or an online fax provider. Only with a fax number, can you send and receive fax pages from the system successfully.

A fax number and a phone number are related and similar in many ways, but they are actually different from each other. The most significant difference between the two is that when dialing a fax number, it will respond with a fax tone.

Why Do You Need a Fax Number?

You may wonder why people still use fax in 2021 since we already have other better methods such as email to send documents. In many cases, fax is indeed a better choice than email and other platforms, especially in highly regulated industries like government, medical and legal.

Primarily, fax is less anonymous than email. We receive spam, ads and scam mail in our email inbox frequently. It can be sent from anywhere by anyone. However, you can only send and receive fax pages with an exact fax number connected to a fax machine or provided by online fax platforms.

Additionally, you are able to send signatures and receive confirmation pages through faxing, which is definitely helpful for businesses. It has all the advantages of safe transmission and fast fax speed. While a fax number is indispensable in the faxing process, how can you get one?

How to Get a Fax Number at Low Cost?

There are many ways to get a fax number, the following are the most important two:

Get a Fax Number from Telephone Service Providers

If you have a fax machine and a local phone number, get a fax number from your telephone service provider may be your first choice. Most local phone companies provide an additional phone line if you call and ask them.

Get a Fax Number from an Online Fax Service

Thanks to technological advancements, you can also get a fax number from online fax service providers with ease. You just need to download and install the fax app on your device. It surpasses ordinary fax machine numbers in many ways.

For instance, you are able to save costs and improve efficiency greatly. You can get a local or international fax number with the Dingtone FAX app by purchasing one scheme, which is far cheaper than getting one from telephone service providers. There’s no limit to fax pages under one plan with lifetime storage. All past faxes are memorable.

Bottom Line

  • A fax number is a number that can be connected to a fax machine, a fax server, or an online fax provider.
  • Because of its wide application in highly regulated industries, plus its security and flexibility, fax has won continuous support in today’s world.
  • You can get your own fax number from telephone service providers or online fax apps. The latter gives you a cheaper and more convenient way to obtain it.

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