How to Fax from Dropbox?

how to fax from dropbox

Online fax service is drawing an increasing number of individuals and enterprises due to its easy-to-use features and lack of restrictions. Most online fax service providers support the addition of attachments from third parties. Dropbox, an excellent online storage app, is the preferred choice of many people under the epidemic. Combined with Dropbox, online fax service is much more appealing and satisfying. However, there are still lots of people that will get stuck when faxing from Dropbox without any instructions. The following article will provide with details on how to fax files from Dropbox.

Fax from Dropbox via online Fax App

Step1: Download and install the FAX app on your digital devices.
Step2: Create an account on the app and get your own fax plan with a fax number included.
Step2: Enter the fax number of the recipient, either local or international, in the blank.
Step3: Add a cover sheet indicating the basic information about your fax (name, fax topic, contact, etc.).
Step4: Choose your fax file from Dropbox and attach it to your fax.
Step5: Preview before you send it out.
Step6: Keep track of your fax updates in your app.

Fax from Dropbox on Computer

Step1: Get an online fax tool like Fax on your computer and access your own account and fax number.
Step2: Find the “Send Fax” area and create a new one.
Step3: Fill in the fax number of the recipient and add a cover page if necessary.
Step4: Choose your fax file from Dropbox and attach it to your fax.
Step5: Check again before you send.

Fax from Dropbox via an Old-School Fax Way

Step1: Download and print the files you need from Dropbox.
Step2: Find a fax machine available and make sure the machine is set up and ready to go. (Power source, phone line, toner or ink, enough paper, etc.)
Step3: Place the printed paper on the document feeder. If there are multiple documents, put them in the order that you want them to be sent.
Step2: Dial the fax number for the receiving fax machine.
Step4: Send the fax and after that you can check the confirmation.
Step5: If you are using public fax, don’t forget to get your documents back.

Which is the Best Way to Fax from Dropbox?

While traditional fax will still be in demand in the market, online fax platforms may grow faster as it can meet more potential needs that users may wish to have in the future, such as unlimited and huge document transfers. Working with great cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, users can easily send, receive and sign documents from any device with an Internet connection. This way, setup, maintenance, toner, paper or other costs will no longer be a concern and work efficiency will be greatly boosted.

Bottom Line

  • Online fax platform is becoming more and more popular because of its sustainability and versatility.
  • It’s easy to select the documents from Dropbox to fax.
  • Online faxing is the best way in terms of faxing from Dropbox.

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