How Long Does It Take to Receive a Fax?

how long it takes to receive a fax

Nowadays, people care about speed issues more than any past time because they are busier than those in the past.

As an old-school communication tool, fax is still used today due to its validity and legality but people are still serious about how long it takes to receive fax because a fax file will perhaps end an order or finish up an urgent business issue.

What is Fax and How does it Work?

Believe it or not, the first fax machine in the world was created before the telephone. How come, then? A landline is a must-have part of a fax machine, after all. However, it’s very true.

The first fax was transmitted by Alexander Bain that is also the inventor of fax machines in the 1840s.

How does a fax machine work, then?

It’s known that computing data depend on the sets of two symbols, 0 and 1. Similarly, a fax machine transmits information based on a couple of signals, black and white. As a paper document is scanned by a fax machine, the information will be changed into data grids so that they’ll be easily sent and received.

Elements Determining the Time Length to Send and Receive a Fax
Fax Machine Type

Different types of fax machines lead to different speeds of sending and receiving fax because of their different transmission baud rates.

Document Content and Format

Another element determining the faxing speed is the document content and format. It usually takes more time to fax images and graphics than texts.

Internet or Landline Performance

When it comes to traditional fax via a fax machine, a landline is a must-have part of fax since signals are transmitted through a landline.

When it comes to online fax services, however, Internet performance plays an important role in deciding on the fax speed.

Fax Number

Similar to calling performance, if you’re waiting to receive a fax from a local fax number, it’ll possibly take a shorter time. If a fax file comes from an international fax number, however, it’ll possibly take a long time since signal transmission is affected by multiple elements from all aspects.

Online Fax: Costing You the Shortest Time to Receive a Fax

Online fax is used as an application on your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. It enables you to turn your mobile device into a pocket fax machine allowing you to send and receive a fax at any time and place.

How and how long does it take to receive a fax through an online fax app?
To receive a fax from your smartphone or computer, it’s handy to track the status of your expected fax file and be aware of how long it will take to finally receive fax. As soon as the fax document gets to your online fax app, you’ll be instantly notified so that you’ll be able to check it at a top speed.

Bottom Line

  • Although fax is an old-school way of communication, it’s still used in many aspects of life today.
  • Multiple elements determine the exact transmission speed of fax.
  • Online fax app leads to a short time to receive a fax and allows users to track the status of the expected fax file at any time.

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