How to Fax Multiple Pages Quickly and Cheaply?

how to fax multiple pages

Fax is still important today due to its full validity and legality. Up to now, fax has been widely used in all industries for serious communications. In the process of faxing, the page count is an important aspect to be considered because it’s closely related to communication efficiency and cost. Therefore, it’s significant to come up with a quick and cheap way to fax multiple pages, which is why the article is here below.

Can You Fax Multiple Pages at once?

Yes, you can.

In theory, there is no limit to pages and sizes that can be sent at one time for fax machines and online fax services. In practice, the equipment, ink, toner, paper, software, and server may set limits to the pages and sizes of fax.

It is recommended to send no more than 50 pages once. Most modern fax machines have onboard memory and most basic fax machines have upwards of 50 pages of memory.

How to Fax Multiple Pages?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to fax multiple pages, from a fax machine and an online fax app.

Fax Multiple Pages from a Fax Machine

Faxing from a fax machine is a traditional way. The old school depends on the combination of a fax machine and a landline dedicated to fax. Moreover, a fax machine work mostly on printed files, not digital ones.

To fax multiple pages from a fax machine, the following steps should be followed:

  • Step 1. Prepare your paperwork to be faxed and place it on the file feeder.
  • Step 2. Pick up the receiver and dial the fax number of the recipient who should receive your fax file.
  • Step 3. Wait for the confirmation signal from the other end of the line.
  • Step 4. Press the “Send” button to finish up the faxing.

Fax Multiple Pages from an Online Fax App

As the Internet starts to be used in all aspects of life today, the fax can be sent and received with the Internet as well when an online fax app is used on your device.

To fax multiple pages from an online fax app, the following steps should be followed:

  • Step 1. Download and install the Dingtone Fax app on your device, phone, or tablet.
  • Step 2. Create an account on the app and purchase a fax plan based on your favors.
  • Step 3. Fill the fax number of the recipient in the corresponding blank.
  • Step 4. Add a cover sheet and edit it.
  • Step 5. Scan, upload or attach files to your fax demand.
  • Step 6. Edit and preview your file. You’re allowed to add a signature if it’s necessary.
  • Step 7. Click the “Send” button to finish up faxing.

Why Online Fax is the Best Way to Fax Multiple Pages?

With online fax and traditional fax machine compared, the former is the best solution when it comes to multiple pages faxing because of the advantages below:

Low Cost

You can expect numerous fax plans from the Fax app. No matter which plan is selected, you’ll embrace a low cost without any doubt. The page count should never be considered if online fax is used because unlimited pages are covered in a fax plan. The fees you should pay for multiple pages faxing only cover the fax plan and no extra cost will be charged if multiple pages are faxed.

High Convenience

A fax machine isn’t easy to get. That’s a fact.

However, your smartphone can be turned into a pocket fax machine with an online fax app used. It allows you to send and receive a fax at any time and place as soon as your device has access to the Internet or cellular data.

In addition, digital files can be directly faxed out without the need to print them out. Online fax app also allows its users to sign on the file before faxing. Moreover, the status of your fax can be monitored and tracked via the notifications provided by the online fax app.

Why is it Important to Fax Multiple Pages?

Why is fax still quite popular in the current world where the Internet can be used to deal with anything? Just because fax is one of the file formats with utmost validity and legality, which can hardly be achieved through email or any instant messenger like WhatsApp.

Fax is able to totally play its role when it comes to files with multiple pages like contracts, acknowledgments, etc. that usually have a great number of pages.

High Efficiency

Multiple pages faxing should be carefully considered because it’s, first of all, related with efficiency for issues dealing with. If a document with multiple pages is faxed at a low speed, more time will be cost, which is not beneficial for businesses to quickly move on.

Save Cost

How much it takes to fax multiple pages should be carefully considered as well because it’s closely related to your budget. If your business calls for frequent multiple pages faxing, its cost must be an essential aspect to consider.

Bottom Line

  • It’s important and necessary to fax multiple pages because they are related to the efficiency to deal with issues and cost-saving.
  • Two ways are available to be used to fax multiple pages, via a fax machine or an online fax app.
  • Online fax app is the best option to fax multiple pages due to its low cost and high convenience.

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