Send and Receive Fax from Your Smartphone

No fax machine. No landlines. Turn your iPhone or Android into a portable fax machine, allowing you to send and receive a fax anywhere, anytime.

How to Send Fax?

Send a fax from iPhone or Android in just 3 steps. Scan paper documents with camera and send faxes worldwide. Import photos and files from gallery, cloud storage or other apps to be sent anywhere, anytime!


Fill recipient's number or directly choose from contacts.


Add a cover page to tell recipient where the fax comes from.


Scan or attach files to fax and send.

How to Receive Fax?

Get a fax number and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. No busy signal. Receive a fax notification from your phone. Never miss an important fax. View and manage your faxes on your phone. No fax machine. No landline. No fax modem. No paper.


Receive a fax notification from phone.


Open fax and go to the inbox.


Locate the fax you receive and check it.

Why Fax Online?

Online Fax vs. Fax Machine vs. Local Public Fax Services

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File Types

All Ways to Send Faxes Online

Fax from iPhone

Send and receive fax from iPhone or iPad on the go. Fast, easy, reliable and safe. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a virtual fax machine.

Fax from Android

Send and receive fax from Android devices. Simple and affordable. Send any document anywhere, anytime at your fingertips.

Fax from Dropbox

Add documents from Dropbox on your phone to fax. Sign and fax them without printing. Quick, flexible and convenient.

Fax from Google Drive

Upload documents from Google Drive on your phone to fax. Compatible with multiple formats: office documents, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc..

Frequently Asked Questions