How to Send a Fax from Mac?

fax from mac

Fax seems to be an outdated way of communication. However, countless individuals, small businesses, and large companies rely on faxes to send, receive, sign, and edit important documents. For business, it is essential to quickly and easily send faxes from sending invoices to signing and returning contracts. No matter what type of Mac you have, you can use several methods to quickly and easily send and receive faxes – even without a telephone line. Read on to learn how to send a fax from a Mac, and how to use online fax services to save your money and time.

All Necessities You Should Know About Sending a Fax from Mac

Mac is widely used on many business occasions. While in some cases, using mac’s built-in equipment is a good choice since most individuals and small businesses will benefit more from full-function online fax service. Influenced by the severe pandemic, many people choose to work at home. In many cases, a fax machine is hard to get at home and you never hear about a personal fax machine. Therefore, online fax service is convenient and practical for home office. You can use an online fax service anywhere and anytime. With the characteristic of high legal effect, fax is universally applied in government and business.

How to Send a Fax from Mac

There are mainly two ways to send a fax from Mac. Traditionally, you can send a fax from Mac by fax machine. The other way is to send a fax from Mac using an online fax service.

Send a Fax from Mac Using a Fax Machine

It takes several steps to send a fax from Mac by fax machine:

  1. On a Mac, open the document you want to fax, then choose File > Print.
  2. Click the “PDF” pop-up menu, then choose “Fax PDF”.
  3. Click the “Printer” pop-up menu, then choose your multifunction printer.
  4. Please do one of the following to enter the fax number:
    • Type the fax number in the “To” field.
    • If you see the “Contacts” button on the right side of the “To” column, tap it to select a number.
    • To paste the number into the “To” field when the “Edit”> “Paste” command is not available, hold down the Control key while clicking the “To” field, then choose “Paste” from the menu that appears
  5. If the telephone system requires you to dial a prefix to connect to an outside line, please type the prefix in the “Dial Prefix” field.
  6. If you want to include a cover page, select “Use Cover Page” and enter the subject and information.
  7. To change options, use the print options pop-up menu (pop-up menu in the divider bar).
  8. Click “Fax” to finish your job.

Send a Fax from Mac Using an Online Fax Service

Sending a fax from Mac by an online fax service is far more secure than a fax machine. Public fax machines lack information safety. In addition, a fax machine is usually not available at home. However, online fax is convenient, secure, and efficient. You can read the following steps to send a fax from Mac via an online fax service.

  1. Download and install FAX on your mac.
  2. Register for and log in to your fax account.
  3. Navigate to send faxes.
  4. In the window that appears, choose a recipient from your contacts, or type in the recipient’s name, fax number, and company name (optional).
  5. Go to select the fax-to country and choose your recipient’s location.
  6. Enter your recipient’s fax number if it isn’t someone from your contract.
  7. Select a cover page and enter a subject and body.
  8. To attract a file, click browse, choose a document and select OK.
  9. Navigate to select a quality list and choose a resolution for your fax.
  10. Select send fax.

Bottom Line

  • Sending a fax from Mac using an online fax service is secure, convenient, and effective.
  • You can send a fax from Mac anytime and anywhere you need.
  • You have a variety of access to sending a fax from Mac using an online fax service.

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