How to Fax over the Internet?

send a fax over the internet

Can you fax over the Internet? If the answer is yes, then congratulations! You have acquired the most efficient, convenient and secure way of faxing. If the answer is no, then don’t worry. You can go on reading the article and follow the instructions on how to fax over the Internet.

Nowadays Internet is used everywhere, including fax.

With the increasing prevalence of the Internet, our communication tools have been completely reversed. Fax, as a traditional communication tool, has been turned into online fax. Online fax is convenient and simple. It is the silent hero of online communication. While other methods such as emailing and instant messages get more favors, fax over Internet services is proving to be unprecedentedly popular with clients. It is easy to send and receive faxes over the Internet. Our online fax service makes it particularly simple.

Online Fax: Allowing You to Fax Over the Internet

You can install an app to fax documents in various formats through the network. The camera of your mobile phone can be used as a scanner. You can also directly attach files to send from the cloud or drive. You can also track the status of the fax as you have sent or are ready to receive a fax. You will be notified as soon as any status change is got on the app.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fax Over the Internet

There are mainly two ways to fax over the Internet, including sending and receiving. You can go on reading the following steps on how to fax over the Internet.

Send a Fax over the Internet

Sign up for an online faxing service.
 Fill in the fax number of the recipients.
 Attach your document(s) or directly scan your paper file via your webcam to your email or a new fax message.
 Your faxing service translates the attachment and sends it.
 The recipient’s fax machine decodes the data and prints the fax.

Receive a Fax over the Internet

A variety of sites can send you fax by assigning you a virtual fax phone number. The faxed document reaches you via email, typically as a PDF or TIF image. Some services use a proprietary format for the document and provide free software for viewing it.

  • Download and install the online fax app on your device.
  • Purchase a fax plan on the app and you’ll get a fax number.
  • Leave that number to partners and let them fax to your number.
  • As fax starts to be sent to your number, you’ll receive notifications indicating the status of the faxes.
  • As soon as the fax file arrives, you can directly check the file on your fax app as its arrival has been notified to you.

Bottom Line

  • You can send and receive faxes over the Internet anywhere and anytime.
  • You no longer have to pay a small fortune just to fax. All extra costs disappear thanks to the flat-fee nature of internet faxing.
  • Do all of this and more without any actual fax machines. You can now skip all complicated and unnecessary steps without losing the benefits of traditional fax machines.

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