How to Fax from iPad?

how to fax from ipad

It’ll be dramatically convenient to fax directly from iPad through the Internet. If you still don’t know how to fax from iPad, it seems much of your time has been wasted because it can save you much time through faxing from iPad. This article will tell you how.

Why is it Necessary to Fax from an iPad?

It can never be admitted that the iPad or other tablets have been so widely used in business issues. Tablets or iPad have been commonly used as document readers in business cases. With features of simple editing, tablets and iPad have become the must-have tool for business people. It’s common to see a group of businesspeople having a meeting with a tablet or iPad in their hands each.

Because of the file reading and editing features, it’ll be easier if fax can be directly sent from the iPad. As a matter of fact, an online fax app can make it true.

Online Fax App: Turning Your iPad into a Portable Fax Machine

How on earth does an online fax app work to turn your iPad into a portable fax machine? Online fax app is able to let you fax from iPad owing to its features below:

Fax via the Internet

Online fax app works based on its access to the Internet and it allows you to send and receive a fax from smartphone or tablets like iPad.

Convenient to Use

With an online fax app installed on your iPad, it’s unnecessary to go for a fax machine everywhere. After all, that’s not an easy job as well. As long as you hold an iPad accessible to the Internet in your hand, you’ll then be able to fax any document from your iPad.

Cost Saving

Online fax app helps you save money. On one hand, the cost can be cut from devices and hardware. As you use a fax machine, the cost should be spent on the device, landline, ink, toner, and more. If you use a public machine at an express store like UPS or FedEx, the cost is figured out based on the page number of your file. Huge money will cost if you fax a contract. When an online fax service is used, however, the page number won’t be an issue to worry about because one fax plan generally covers unlimited page printing. In addition, a fax plan provided by an online fax app usually contains a fax number, local or international, which will reduce your cost for a dedicated landline for fax.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fax from iPad

Step 1. Download and install the Fax app on your iPad.

Step 2. Create an account on the app and purchase a fax plan that best fits your demands with a fax number, local or international.

Step 3. Open the fax app and fill in the recipient’s fax number.

Step 4. Scan your paper file with the webcam on your iPad or directly attach a file stored in a third-party cloud or drive.

Step 5. Edit the file. You can combine pages into a fax file, add a cover sheet or a signature.

Step 6. Click the “Send” button to finish your fax.

Bottom Line

  • It’ll save you time and money and improve efficiency to directly fax from the iPad.
  • Online fax apps can turn your iPad into a portable fax machine.
  • Simple steps are provided in the article above teaching you how to fax from an iPad.

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