Can You Fax from an iPhone?(5 Easy Steps)

can you fax from iphone

Can I send a fax from my iPhone? The answer is an absolute yes.

There is no doubt that faxing from an iPhone is a piece of cake with the soaring popularity and extensive application of online fax services. It allows you to send and receive fax pages wherever you are without limitations. Your phone is just like a small mobile fax machine in your pocket.

Do I Need to Send a Fax from iPhone?

In situations where a fax machine isn’t available for you or a public fax machine service is really far away from you, the necessity of sending a fax from your iPhone shows up. With online fax apps, there is no need to buy a big fax machine to put at home or keep bothering your neighbors to make use of their fax machines.

Although fax is not as popular as before, some documents are still requested to be sent via fax. At this time, your iPhone comes in handy. With less money spent and more time saved, faxing from your iPhone has all the advantages compared to other traditional methods.

Change iPhone into a Pocket Fax Machine

The benefits of mobility, security, and ease of use of mobile phone fax are great. It makes the whole fax process digital and simpler. More than file sharing, you also have access to digital signatures, document editing, and cover sheets with an online faxing app like FAX.

Forget about the fax machine or public fax service, you can fax from your iPhone as long as you get the fax app downloaded and installed on your iOS device. It is fast, hassle-free, and incredibly easy to fax from an iPhone. You only need a few clicks on the phone screen to send a fax.

A fax machine isn’t everywhere but your smartphone is always in your hand. In this way, your iPhone can be totally changed into a fax machine in your pocket.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Send a Fax from iPhone

  • Step1: Download the Dingtone FAX app on your iPhone and sign up for the service.
  • Step2: Open the FAX app and fill in the recipient’s fax number to transmit documents domestically or internationally.
  • Step3: Add a cover sheet to your fax file, including your name and contact, the recipient’s name and contact, fax topic, and emergency level, etc. The more details the fax contains, the faster it will reach the recipient.
  • Step4: Edit your document or add a signature when necessary. Users are allowed to add a signature to the fax document at any location in the file based on their preferences.
  • Step5: Hit the “Send” button and your fax will be sent immediately.

You can learn more about faxing from iPhone on the FAQ part of our website.

Bottom Line

  • Although fax is not as popular as before, some documents are still requested to be sent via fax. Fax from an iPhone is ideal in these situations.
  • You can transform your iPhone into a pocket fax machine since a fax machine isn’t everywhere, but your smartphone is always in your hand.

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